To provide a safer and more secure environment to enjoy performances, please be aware that all persons entering the venue and their belongings are subject to search, including bag checks and metal detectors.

Backpacks and large multi-pocket bags are prohibited. Outside food and beverages are also prohibited. The doors typically open 60 minutes before show time. 

Please plan to arrive early. The less you carry, the easier it will be to pass through security.


The policy of the Florida Theatre Performing Arts Center, Inc., the nonprofit corporation that leases and operates the Florida Theatre, is that, because the theatre operates concession stands at which alcoholic beverages are available for consumption on the premises, handguns, concealed weapons and firearms are prohibited on the premises.


Can I get a refund on my tickets?

The official policy of the Florida Theatre is that there are no ticket refunds. For questions, please get in touch with the Box Office at or 904-355-2787.

How do I buy tickets?

Tickets to all Florida Theatre shows are available online at or by calling Florida Theatre Box Office at 904.355.2787. Tickets may also be purchased at the Box Office, located at 128 E. Forsyth Street. 

The Box Office is open 9 AM-5 PM, Monday-Friday. The Box Office opens 4 hours before showtime for evening performances and 2 hours before matinee performances.

Are there additional service charges or handling fees in addition to the price of my tickets?

A $4.50 per ticket restoration fee is applied to all orders. These funds are held in escrow and used only for the maintenance and preservation of this historic Theatre. An online convenience fee is applied to all tickets purchased online at This fee is waived for phone and in-person sales.

Does my child need a ticket?

Anyone 12 months and older needs a ticket.

How do I request tickets for a charity fundraiser or auction?

As a nonprofit organization itself, the Florida Theatre is always pleased to support the fundraising efforts of other charities and nonprofit organizations with a donation of show tickets for use as door prizes or auction items. Please send a request on your organization’s letterhead to Charity Tickets, Florida Theatre, 128 East Forsyth Street, Suite 300, Jacksonville, Florida 32202. Make sure to specify the date of your event. Please include a copy of your IRS 501(c)(3) letter or Florida Certificate of Consumer Exemption.


The Florida Theatre is dedicated to providing a comfortable & enjoyable entertainment experience for every audience member.

Is there an elevator?

There is no elevator in the Florida Theatre building.

Is the Florida Theatre wheelchair accessible?

Yes. There are dedicated wheelchair-accessible positions in the orchestra available at all price levels. Wheelchair-accessible seating is available online or by calling or visiting the box office. Wheelchair-accessible seating is open space for a wheelchair or other seated mobility device.

Where is the accessible entrance?

The main Theatre doors under the marquee are accessible entrances. Upon entering, an usher can direct you to your seats through a completely accessible route.

What do I do if I have accessibility needs?

The Florida Theatre is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Please inform the Box Office of any special accommodations you may require when purchasing tickets, including the need for an ASL interpreter.  An assistive listening system for those with a hearing impairment is available from the House Manager.

The Theatre does not have its own parking lot. Accessible permit parking is available on the street. See our Florida Theatre ADA Brochure here


Questions? Concerns? Feedback?

We welcome your questions, input, and feedback. Contact our Box Office at 904.355.2787 or

How do I buy an accessible ticket?

The Box Office can receive phone calls relayed by a TTY system operator. The Box Office phone number is 904.355.ARTS (2787).

Can I bring my service animal/guide dog to a show?

The Florida Theatre welcomes service animals with their owners. A service animal is a dog or miniature pony trained to perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability. In accordance with the law, you will not be asked about your own disability, and you will not be asked to provide documentation of your service animal’s training, but you may be asked whether an animal is a service animal and what tasks the animal has been trained to perform. The behavior of a service animal must be under the control of its owner, and the service animal should not pose a direct threat to the health or safety of others. Owners who are unable to take effective action to control an out-of-control service animal may be asked to remove the animal from the premises. When purchasing a ticket, please let us know if your service animal will be able to rest at your feet during a performance or if additional provisions are needed.

Where are accessible seats?

Accessible seating may be purchased from the Florida Theatre Box Office at 904.355.ARTS (2787), or the theatre’s website. Our ticketing staff is intimately knowledgeable about the historic Florida Theatre, and for the best service, we strongly recommend calling the box office at 904.355.ARTS (2787). When ordering tickets, please provide as much information as possible about your needs and any companion seating so that we may properly seat you in a location that best suits your needs. Due to the architecture of the historic Florida Theatre building, the balcony and loge are inaccessible. All accessible seating is provided on the orchestra level, with a clear path (no stairs) from the front doors on Forsyth Street to all accessible seating locations. When a wheelchair accessible position is purchased, a position for a wheelchair or other mobility device is provided. There will be no fixed seat or loose chair in this location, just a position for a wheelchair or other mobility device. Each wheelchair-accessible location is accompanied by three (3) fixed companion seats, either immediately adjacent or nearby, depending on the location. Fixed seats with removable end standards are also available throughout the theatre for customers who need assistance getting in and out of a fixed seat. Florida Theatre staff and volunteers are available at all events to assist patrons with special needs from the street entrance to their fixed seats or wheelchair-accessible locations. However, they are not able to assist patrons in transferring from a mobility device to a fixed seat or to provide personal attendant services.

Do you have alternative format materials?

When printed programs are provided by the Florida Theatre, large print programs are available upon request. There is no additional charge for requesting a large print program

Do you have interpretive services?

The Florida Theatre will arrange for American Sign Language interpretive services, even for a concert. Please make such requests at least two (2) weeks prior to the event by contacting the Box Office at 904.355.ARTS (2787) or Provision of interpretive services is based on the availability of interpreters, but we will make every effort to accommodate each request. There is no additional charge for requesting interpretive services.

Do you have an assistive listening system?

An Assistive Listening System is available for the deaf and hard of hearing. It is a radio frequency system. Ear speakers or neck loops that can interface with your hearing aid are available, or users can plug in their ear speakers. Patrons using the Assistive Listening System can sit anywhere in the theatre. You can reserve an Assistive Listening System device in advance from the Box Office at 904.355.ARTS (2787) or, or see the House Manager or an Usher for assistance on arrival. There is no additional charge for using the Assistive Listening System.

Are there accessible restrooms?

There is an accessible restroom located near the Forsyth Street Entry Lobby. Any staff member or volunteer can point you in the right direction.


Does the Theatre provide ear protection?

Yes, upon request, any usher can provide you with complimentary ear protection (ear plugs.) 

Do you have a bar?

Yes, we have a full bar with beer, wine, liquor, sodas, and water.

Bars typically close approximately 45 minutes before the event is scheduled to end.

Do you serve food?

We offer light snacks for sale including, but not limited to, peanuts, candy bars, fruit snacks and chips. We do not serve full meals, sandwiches, or hot food.

Is there a smoking section?

There is a smoking area outside of the Theatre on Newnan Street. To leave the Theatre to smoke, please stop and see a security guard for a wristband so you can return. Smoking of any kind, including vapes, is not permitted inside the Theatre. 

How do I check the lost and found?

During a performance, you can ask for the House Manager. After a performance, call the Box Office the next business day at (904) 355-2787.

Are photography, audio/video recording allowed?

The Florida Theatre's policy is that audio, video, and photographic recording is permitted at most performances, as long as it is for personal use, not for commercial gain, and the recording is made using personal electronic equipment, such as a smartphone. (Cameras, video cameras, tablets, and audio equipment are not permitted). You'll need to make such a recording discreetly from your seat. Flash photography and bright lights are never allowed. Persons whose activities disturb other audience members may be asked to cease such activities or be subject to ejection. The Theatre is the sole judge of what equipment and activities are permissible.

The Florida Theatre Theatre, or any of its visiting artists, reserves the right to amend this policy at any time, for any performance, for any reason, including a complete prohibition of such activities at specific performances. 

Can I stand or dance during a concert?

It is the policy of the Florida Theatre that, during a concert, patrons are allowed to stand and dance at their seats, as long as they are not unreasonably obstructing the view of the customers seated behind them. Please be aware and considerate of your fellow audience members.


To protect the safety of all guests, patrons are not permitted to stand or dance in the aisles, in front of doors or stairways, or anywhere other than in front of their seats. Patrons should remain seated during performances where standing is not typically accepted behavior, such as, but not limited to comedy shows, dance performances, plays, musicals, lecturers, and concerts of classical music.


The Florida Theatre, or any of its visiting artists, reserves the right to amend this policy at any time, for any performance, for any reason, with or without notice.


How can I support the Florida Theatre?

View all of the ways you can support the Florida Theatre here

How can I buy tickets before everyone else?

We typically announce new shows every week on Monday, and tickets go on sale to the public on Friday.

Members of the Florida Theatre at the “Ensemble Level” or higher, who make an annual tax-deductible contribution of $250 or more to the nonprofit Florida Theatre, can order tickets as soon as a show is announced.

The Florida Theatre E-Club members may purchase tickets 24 hours in advance. Join the E-Club here.


The historic Florida Theatre is available for rent for performances, fundraisers, corporate events, and special occasions. A wide variety of support services are also offered. Visit our rental page, or call (904) 562-5968.